We are passionate about the micro | craft beer & craft spirits industry and firmly believe that there is ample opportunity for new businesses to not only survive, but thrive.  There are plenty of poorly run breweries that make great beer for a short time and there are plenty of well run breweries that make mediocre beer.  The latter tend to stay around longer than the former.

To that end, we specialize in teaching how to develop business plans for breweries, distilleries, wine & cider making operations.  Because planning is the key to running a successful business.


Echo Chamber Consulting delivers three to five day workshops that teach interested individuals or groups the skills necessary to develop a strong, professional quality business plan. Over the course of the workshop, we focus on the business and entrepreneurial aspects of planning and starting a craft brewing or spirits business. We provide attendees with the necessary knowledge, fundamental skills and framework to create a personalized business plan. Our courses are highly interactive with small group activities, one-on-one coaching and time to perform hands-on research and development of the plan as content is introduced. Upon completion of the workshop, attendees have a realistic start-up plan based on input from instructors and the course materials. Each attendee is given electronic versions of the course material as well as a set of expandable financial pro-forma statements for use in their own planning and financial analysis.